Never integrate a new process or software without answering the following questions:

- Is the innovation better than what it replaces?
- What risk is involved ?
- Is it worth the change ?

Technology cannot be integrated overnight. It can take a while to complete the process and better make sure you have taken the right decision.

Inter DataSoft is here for that reason: to take that decision for you!


The most common barriers to technology integration is time, training, resources, and support.

Some organizations acquire—or even develop—multiple business units or systems that do not communicate with each other. These units may first have been run as independent businesses, and they continue to operate as if that were still true. Integration is a reality that we all need to embrace to ensure that we continue to grow and maintain our leadership roles for tomorrow.

It's not because it's old that it's necessarily bad. Some time we just need to create a bridge between your old system and the new one - and integrating new technologies into existing workflows is just part of expertise.

Furthermore, our integrating specialists offer you a comprehensive review of your current IT Infrastructure status, laid out in a simple format that is easy to understand and offers recommendations for improvements. Let us help in designing a plan for dealing with the important issues that responds to your business needs.


We put the right technology in the right place

Once you have decided what software your business needs, how do you make sure you integrate it, into existing systems and processes that you have – efficiently and quickly? At Inter DataSoft, our team is experienced in doing exactly that for our clients. Delivering integration of existing or new software into your business systems, so you can get on with the most important aspect of business - running your company – is a service we conduct regularly for our clients.

There is a process and a solution. That doesn’t just mean putting the right plug in the right socket within your system. It means putting your system to the best use for your organisation.We work with you first to understand what your interacting-system needs to achieve – and then we give you the solution to achieve it. Your business needs to be disrupted as little as possible, whilst the new software needs to be integrated quickly and seamlessly into your company. Our aim is to achieve this for you.

Whether your priority is cutting costs, improving process performance, increasing production efficiency, we can create the infrastructure and the bridges that makes it possible. Your old systems are still good and contain very sensitive information. All we need to do is to adapt them too new standards.

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Inter DataSoft's 5 simple rules of integration

  • 1. Relative Advantage.
  • 2. Observability.
  • 3. Compatibility.
  • 4. Complexity.
  • 5. Trialability.

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