AgendX was specifically designed for:

  • Tanning Centers
  • Skin & Beauty Centers
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Hairdresser Centers
  • Esthetics Centers
  • Everything was done to simplify your daily tasks, to reduce costs and boost productivity with fast, integrated appointment software.

    Get full control over your day-to-day activities with real-time and accurate data provided by a solid design and a powerfull application.


    AgendX is a powerful and reliable software dedicated to any type of industry where the scheduling of customers or patients is required. The system has been engineered so you can address the business requirements of your most demanding users and deliver Microsoft Outlook inspired capabilities with minimal effort but with maximized security level. The system allows end-users to quickly navigate through appointments and different time periods with an extraordinary easiness

    Your Data, Your Way with unmatched productivity options

    All appointment dialogs that ship as part of AgendX are specifically designed and can be fully customized and extended as business needs dictate. The system offers built-in recurring Event-Appointment dialogs for handling recurring event chains. You can easily customize all recurrence related functionality and address even the most complex requirements with minimal effort.

    Our Built-in Reminders are designed to make sure you don’t forget. A reminder for any event can be set regardless of whether it has a single occurrence or whether a recurrence pattern has been assigned to it. An appointment with a reminder has a visual indicator and a reminder dialog is invoked when the time has come for the reminder to alert.

    The system could be setup to send automatic emails or reminders to your customers and provides a marketing campaign option.

    Additional Features
    • Security: Employees has no access to customers information
    • Conflicts Management: If you reserve equipment or room, no one else could use them in the same time.
    • Financial: Invoicing
    • Renting: The system allows you to rent a location to external company.

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    AgendX Overall Advantages

  • None of your employees could leave with your customer's list.
  • No more paper-work.
  • Everything is automatically kept up to date.
  • Real-time acces to information.
  • The system raise flags and display automatic reminders.
  • Marketing campain capabilities.
  • Software Development Company