At InterDataSoft we believe in enhancing the simplicity of day-to-day tasks by creating intuitive software solutions that solve problems.  

Whether we develop custom applications for internal processes or rich front end user experiences to support your customers, we provide a comprehensive solution that is unique to your business.

We believe in building simple tools that interlock together. We reject enterprise software - expensive, over-complex products where you pay for features you’ll never use.


OIX is a small powerfull software dedicated to butchery and Wild-Games (hunting) industry. It responds perfectly to your needs because the system was designed based on experienced butchers and hunters.

The application is easy to install and use. You don't need internet because we know that most of the time, the facilities have no access to internet. So we adjusted accordingly.

From the animal setup to the steak-cuts and treaming the system does everything. A label with a barcode is issued for traceability purposes. All the information is stored in a centralized small database and everything is accessible in real-time.

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OLX Overall Advantages

  • Very easy to use. Very easy to install
  • It was designed for small companies.
  • You don't need internet.
  • The system allows you to setup your own recepees
  • Splitting capabilities. Same order - multiple customers - multiple animals.
  • Software Development Company