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We believe the technology we use at work should be as good as the technology we use in our personal lives. Giving people simple and powerful applications is our objective.

Challenging the status-quo is part of our heritage. Tearing down hierarchies, creating transparency and open dialogue with clear answers is the key of a successful business.

Developing a software is like writing a book! We've done our share. Now it is yours to descover it.

Powering Accurate Data Information

Timely, accurate data is the key to success in today's fast-paced, information driven world. Quick access to critical data across your enterprise will enable your organization to recognize significant savings, streamline operations and maximize growth. InterDataSoft solutions can empower your business to easily manage complex data by providing your company with the right information, the right format at the right time.  As a result of increased information demands, the need for product data accuracy and consistency is a necessity. 

On the other hand, manufacturers face constant pressure to produce a top quality product on time, every time. Economic fluctuations, skilled labor shortages and market governance and compliance mandates add to the complexities that manufacturers face every day. Striving to reduce costs and increase profitability while remaining competitive is no easy task. Manufacturing software as the ones designed by Inter DataSoft Inc., must meet these needs and have the ability to anticipate the future needs of today’s manufacturing environments.

Our systems and services represents a succesfull marriage of people skills, dedication to database accuracy, and computer resources. It is a total company management concept for using human resources more productively.

Our software

We offer comprehensive business management solutions that helps people work faster and smarter, and gives your business the flexibility to adapt to new opportunities and growth.

Our software offers the most commun production management modules that can be adapted or replaced by new ones, depending on your specific needs. No matter what field of activity and size of your organisation, SoftPlate or SmartMrp are the tools that will bring your business to the next level.

Our systems are entirely designed with the latest “.NET” technology and Microsoft-SQL databases. Our reports are created with Crystal Reports. All our software are compatible with all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, Win7, Win8).

In order to simplify the process flow and to reduce the time for data entry, all of our interfaces are designed following the same standards with an almost identical appearance of screens and menus, regardless of the type of operation.  This allows a quick training and a greater efficiency in daily operations.

Our MRP system is currently implemented in several sectors such as:

- Machine Shops 
- Surface Finishing Industries (Electro-Plating) 
- Galvanisation & Coating Sector
- Painting Shops 
- Heat-Treated Shops
- Textile, Military and Aerospace industries
- Manufacturing and Assembly plants 

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