Our customers  are our most important asset. They're always right, no matter what. For us, successfully dealing with customers is to remember that while they may not be technically right all the time, their emotional responses or principles always are.

Work to believe ! Always give customers a choice !

Our suppliers are our partners and a great sources of ideas and tools. We require them to provide competitive prices and services but we treat them with respect and alwyas pay them ON-TIME.
About our company

Inter DataSoft Inc. is a company specialized in developing custom software, based on performance, reliability and ease of use.  We are recognized for our efficiency in helping customers to meet their challenges by providing a complete set of IT integration services and other consulting solutions.

Located in the province of Québec - Canada, Inter DataSoft was founded in 1997. Its main activities are concentrated in providing customized software solutions and services that are designed to assist customers at every stage of integration, from requirements definition and project planning, to training and implementation, from problem identification to resolution and optimization.

Our services allow business to refract control over their IT strategies and infrastructures while benefiting from reduced operating costs and risks without compromising service delivery to end users and their clients.

Over the years, we have formed a strategic relationship with major consulting players to deliver the best business solutions and to accelerate the speed with which our customers can realize their value.

Our mission

At InterDataSoft,  the innovation of new ideas and technology are influenced by our desire to success. We care about quality, reliability, seemless integration and products that acts intuitively and friendly at any level of your business.

Our long-terms goal is to build a bridge between humans, processes and machines through state-of-the-art software technology. Our mission is to help companies to improve their manufacturing operations and quality control by integrating the appropriate technology, software and equipment.

Why is it so difficult to find the appropriate software? Too many people get caught between two bad choices: spend hours of valuable time trying to find the right software for their needs - or - hope a hit-or-miss approach works out. There's a better way. By briefly sharing your specific needs, we can give you the closest and the most relevant software solution for your consideration. Since 1997 we've helped companies stop wasting their money and consuming their time for nothing. We simply gave them what no one else did : "The right software"!

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Inter DataSoft's 5 simple rules regarding customers

  • 1. Appreciating customer's business
  • 2. Valuing the relationship
  • 3. Caring about customer's issues
  • 4. Making the customer feel special
  • 5. Respecting the customer

  • Never forget that without your customers, we would not and could not exist in business.

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