Taking care of people you work with is essential to us, no matter if they are regular employees or consultants. 

InterDataSoft  understands the effect of people's recognition, and we’ve designed our employee or consultants loyalty solutions to unleash this vast resource to build stronger relationships and power performance.

We believe that when your employees love their jobs, and the company culture, they treat customers much better - so everybody benefits from this.

Working at InterDataSoft

Nowadays, employees no longer just look for a high salary. Younger workers seek, above all, working conditions that allow them to achieve work/life balance and competitive benefits. As an employer, we are ready to meet these expectations to be able to attract and retain competent employees.

Are you looking for an employer who will make the most of your skills and inspire you to exceed expectations ? We need people like you: passionate and driven by the desire to succeed. Inter DataSoft offers a workplace that is at once socially relaxed and intellectually intense. We also emphasize individual improvement and seek to provide our employees with the training and opportunities they need to develop their creative potential.

Current positions

At InterDataSoft,  the innovation of new ideas and technology are influenced by our desire to success. We care about quality, reliability, seemless integration and products that acts intuitively and friendly at any level of your business. We have the following openings :

Programmers .NET

  • Essentielle - VB.Net 5+ yrs
  • Essentielle - SQL Server 5+yrs
  • Atout - ASP.NET
  • Atout - Data Warehousing
  • Atout - CMS

Connaissances et aptitudes
  • Essentielle - Visual Studio 2005
  • Essentielle - Analysis & Design
  • Essentielle - Parles Francais
  • Essentielle - Parles Anglais
  • Essentielle - SQL Server

Sommaire du poste

Sous la responsabilité du gerant .Net, à titre de développeur .NET sénior, vous toucherez à l’ensemble des étapes du développement de nos projets VB.NET. De l’analyse au développement ou à des parties plus spécifiques. Nous recherchons une personne autonome, responsable et dynamique désirant intégrer une équipe expérimentée, ambitieuse et passionnée des technologies. 

• Vous possédez au minimum cinq(5) à dix(10) ans d'expérience en tant que développpeur ou analyste-programmeur VB.NET / SQL Server.
• Conception, analyse et programmation 
• Petite équipe informatique 
• Doit être bilingue 
• Visual Studio 5+ annees

Follow us

At InterDataSoft, we have an internal motto :

Take care of your people and they’ll take care of your business.


We understood since the beggining that employees who receive regular recognition and praise are more linked to the achievement of corporate goals; more productive, engaged and loyal; and more likely to stay with their organizations than employees who don't.

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