SoftPlate was specifically designed for:

  • Machine-Shops
  • Plating & Surface Finishing Industry
  • Galvanizing & Coating sector
  • Industrial Painting Shops
  • Heat-Treating Shops
  • Everything was done to simplify your daily tasks, to reduce costs and boost productivity with fast, integrated manufacturing software.

    Get full control over your operations with real-time and accurate data provided by a solid design and a powerfull application.

    About SoftPlate

    SoftPlate is a comprehensive business management software that helps people work faster and smarter, and gives your business the flexibility to adapt to new opportunities and growth. Our software offers the most commun production management modules that can be adapted or replaced by new ones, depending on your specific needs. No matter what field of activity and size of your company, SoftPlate is the tool that will bring your business to the next level. Whether the management of customers and suppliers, shipping and billing, work-orders and process-sheets, our system was specifically designed to be adjusted as needed.

    Flexible with an extremely intuitive design, SoftPlate also gives people the tools to fuel business productivity and enabling people to make confident decisions and respond quickly to new marketplace opportunities. All of our interfaces are designed following the same standards with an almost identical appearance of screens and menus, regardless of the type of operation. This allows a quick employee’s training and a greater efficiency in daily operations.

    SoftPlate is entirely developped with the latest “.NET” technology and SQL databases and is compatible with all versions of Windows (including Win8). Our reports are created with Crystal Reports.

    The system's ability to globalize all the administrative and manufacturing operations remains its strength since 1997.

    Everything was done to simplify your daily tasks, to reduce your operation costs and boost productivity with on single fast integrated software.


    SoftPlate offers the most efficient traceability method to track your day-to-day production. Our special algorythm uses the same unique number for the following operations (even for the partial ones) :

  • Order-Entry
  • Work-Orders
  • Sub-Contracts
  • Packing-Slips
  • Bill-Of-Lading
  • Invoices
  • Credits
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  • Best ratio Quality/Price MRP Software
  • Based on more than 20 years of experienced people.
  • We guarantee a ROI (Return on Investment) within the 1st year of operation. With SoftPlate, you're not only trying to cut costs - you are actually cutting the costs by reducing manufacturing costs, by improving your production quality and centralize your data in the most efficient way. SoftPlate will automate and streamline your entire manufacturing tasks and processes—creating major savings.

    Resource Management

    • Customers, Contacts, Suppliers, Sub-Contractors, Employees
    • Management of parts and their characteristics such as:

    • Same part – Multiple clients – Multiple révisions
    • Multiple prices (UNIT / WEIGHT / LOT / MIN-CHARGE)
    • Material / Category classification
    • Same part - Multiple Process-Sheets & Instructions
    • Dimensions
    • Pictures and Specific Documents
    • Specs / Class / Grade / Type / Color / Thickness/ Masking
    • Digital image processing


      Operations Management

    • Quotes, Orders, Work-Orders, Jobs, Purchase-Orders, Packing-Slip, Invoice, Credit, Shipping-Receiving / SubContracting
    • Raw Material
    • Maintenance Planning (Equipment calibration / maintenance)
    • Certificate of Compliance
    • Inventory (Multiple-warehouses / rows / locations)
    • Quality Control
    • Manufacturing Process Management (by operation / machine / cell)
    • Efficiency reports - DashBoard
    • Data Export (Microsoft Excel)
    • Employee's Training certifications
    • Disciplinary Action form

      Our inventory module provides an efficient inventory control for your stock room, warehouse or distribution centers. We offer a powerful, integrated bar-coding solution with the following capabilities:

    • Could manage multiple warehouses inventory, per master SKU code.
    • Monitor and report stock levels, costs and averages
    • Scan-in barcodes for less data manipulation
    • Quickly perform physical inventory and cycle counting while the system includes several trigger-alerts to inform you, real-time, about your inventory status.
    • An inventory SKU could be kept in detail as per Lot#, Batch#, Serial#, country of origin, length, expiration-date.
    • Export current inventory information to Excel, Access, or .CSV files
    • Possibility to import your current inventory from an excel datasheet to our internal database.
    • Capacity to add additional notes and multiple files documentations for each item (pictures, .pdf, .doc, etc.)
    • Set sales units / Purchase Units / Stocking units for items that are sold by weight or bundles or even by partial quantities.
    • Group common items into classes and categories for easy stock control
    • Set low-level stock warnings so you know when to reorder
    • Quickly view overall inventory levels, or by warehouse , aisle, location or category
    • See product history of when items were received or sold.
    • Transfer stock between locations (inventory receiving, moving, adjustement) with Country of Origin options.
    • Maintain a database of your customers and suppliers
    • Create purchase orders and email them directly to vendors
    • Allow multiple user access.
    • Assign appropriate access levels to different users
    • Simple, easy to use interface.


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    Why choose SoftPlate? Because of the ratio Quality/Price and the Support and all the rest ...

    All the screens are the same. If you know one screen, you know most of them. Training new employees is very easy.

    Same Number for all the operations starting from Order-Entry to Invoicing and Credit.

    A full customized Dash-Board. You can group, filter or sort your data and no matter how you do it, you will always obtain the same result.

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