At InterDataSoft we believe in enhancing the simplicity of day-to-day tasks by creating intuitive software solutions that solve problems.  

Whether we develop custom applications for internal processes or rich front end user experiences to support your customers, we provide a comprehensive solution that is unique to your business.

We believe in building simple tools that interlock together. We reject enterprise software - expensive, over-complex products where you pay for features you’ll never use

The success through our customer's mouth

There is an old saying that "People buy from people" and anyone who is in the business of selling will know that is true. Testimonials from satisfied customers illustrate the value of our products and services. They are a very powerful component of an effective PR message and it allowed us to build our credibility quickly.

True testimonials speak from the heart and can sell a product or service better than the best of any marketing tool. Why? Simply because they come from a client who has subscribed to what we sell, has enjoyed it and is willing to share his positive feedback with the world. No amount of money can buy that kind of marketing, and no amount of money should.

What our customers say about us :

We would like to share with you some of the feedback we have received from our customers :

Mohinder Pal

President Group-Altech Inc.

The system is great. It's easy to use and extremely efficient in production mode. We reduced our internal paperwork and increased the efficiency at each operation. The system paid-off within the 1st year.  

Jill Whitelaw

CEO, Signature AeroSpace

Amaizing software. The support is really great and there are no limitation in terms of developping new features. The labelling module reduced the risk of human errors and increased the efficiency in the production.  

Sylvie Blanchette

Vetements CookShire

The system does exactly what we want. Everything is working great. Never went downs since the original implementation in 2009.  

Réjean Paul

President, Precifab

The system is easy to use and very accurate. Never had any issues except once. The support was excellent. I had a technician coming within the next 2 hours - and it was free.  

Jean Rocha

President LP.Technologies

Wow, the system just works. Our ability to turn-around and adjust according to new specs and orders improved by 200%. Basically we can do everything we want.  

Mike O'Reilly

Warehouse Manager NORDX/CDT

The system operates without any issues on more than 10 computers at the time. NEVER WENT DOWN in the past 3 years. No updates required, no maintenance, no extra licencinng  

Michel Richard

R&D director, Belden

The system is fantastic. Real-time data acquisition is really what we needed in the corporation. We reduced our machine nown-time by 40% and reduced the scrap by 25 % within the first 3 months of operations. The traceability is really amaizing and we could find everything whenever we want.


Joel Desjardins

Manager, Hubbell

The system just works great. It is accurate and it does what we expected initially. The graphical interface for trending real-time processes is just perfect. User friendly and very stable. Never had an issue since 2010.  

Marc Jetté

Project Manager, Philips

The project that InterDataSoft did for us regarding our testing device is just perfect. The consultants came over and fix our old system in no time. Their expertise were highly appreciated in our department. Extremely satisfied.  


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Since we have implemented the system, we have increased our efficiency by more than 70%.
Mohinder Pal, Group Altech 2003 inc.

Extremily satisfied with the software. Easy of use, efficient and reliable. All the information is at your fingertips.
Jill Whitelaw, CEO Signature AeroSpace.

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