Proper training of the employee’s development is very critical to the prosperity and growth of any business because the workers are one of the decisive factors for all achievements of the company.  

The more qualified and capable workers your company have, the higher chances you're giving your organisation to success.

Training programs for development of the employee’s good actually reduced the requirement to hire outside experts to perform certain tasks.

Accredited Training programs

Sending employees to training opportunities, or bringing opportunities into the company, actually infuses a business with new ideas and creative ways of solving old problems. Sometimes, just getting employees out of the day-to-day grind of their everyday work schedule is enough to jump-start energy and encourage employees to recommit to their jobs and the company. But learning new skills and interacting with new and different people has a direct impact on the productivity and development of the work environment.

Trainings need not be expensive or last several days in order to be worthwhile. Training has to be specifically designed to your employees needs. While a dedication to keeping training opportunities alive and thriving within the company culture can be an expense of time and resources--the benefit in terms of qualified and energetic personnel is well worth it.

gouv.qcOur trainers are certified by the Government of Quebec and we will help you implement your training project, under the best conditions and in the shortest possible time. Inter DataSoft  offers a wide variety of professional training classes all available to you. Our program is designed to meet industry standards in IT, . The program is also designed to install within the student a sense of professionalism and a desire to serve and contribute to society. The following classes are available :

OFF101 MsOffice Basics - Update your knowledge 3 days
WOR102 MsWord Avanced - Evoluated fonctionnalities 3 days
XLS101 Excel Basic - Standard Formulas and Functions 3 days
XLS102 Excel Intermediate - Advanced Data Analysis 3 days
XLS103 Excel Advanced - Efficient Macros and VBA programming 3 days
ACC101 Access Basic - Create your own efficient database 3 days
ACC102 Access Advanced - Integartion VBA with Form & Queries 3 days
VIS101 Visio - Drawing your own layout 2 days
VB101 Visual Basic .NET - Introduction to Oriented Object 3 days
VB102 Visual Basic .NET - Advanced VB Programming 3 days
SQL101 MySQL/MsSQL Selecting the right database 1 day
SQL102 MsSQL Installing and Maintenance of Databases 3 days
SQL103 MsQL Advanced Stores-Procedures and Triggers 4 days
PROG101 Progress Programing and database maintenance 3 days


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5 good reasons to be trained by Inter Datasoft !

  • 1. We are flexible, so we can work on your terms.
  • 2. We tailor our solutions to your needs.
  • 3. Our trainers have a solid experience.
  • 4. We base our practices on real day-to-day issues you face.
  • 5. We cultivate our knowledge based on the latest trends.

  • We don't train somebody on subjects we don't know !

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